Who is TWEEDS?

TWEEDS Furniture in Woodland Park provides high quality, timelessly styled, fine home furnishings. We help our customers reach their interior design goals and guide them through the process of creating cohesive design. We also provide expert sourcing of the finest products, and all at the most competitive prices. Our quality of service is second to none, and the guarantee that comes with our business is unwavering.

We honor American craftsmanship by dealing primarily in American made furniture. We also carry a variety of American made artwork, lighting and accessories.

TWEEDS provides complimentary design consultation to our customers. Our skill and expertise adds value to your experience when buying from us.

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Our Drummer TWEEDS Heritage

Years ago, as the Rocky Mountain front range was being settled, traveling merchants would come and go by animal drawn, covered wagon. These merchants, after finding a suitable location in a mountain town, would set up their shops. Then they would steadily beat the large drums that were carried with them everywhere.

These drum beats reverberated throughout the town, letting everyone know that their shops were open for business. This process coined the term “drumming up business” and earned merchants the title of the “Drummer.”

During this time, the items available to people were mostly locally produced. Without mass transportation, the food, clothing, and furnishings available in local shops all came from the same farmers, tailors and craftsmen. And were consistently made from the same materials and in the same styles.

Traveling merchants (drummers) brought products from far away locations. These included items made from unusual materials and in different styles than what was normally available. Because of the relatively high cost of transportation, the drummers stocked their wagons with high value items. This helped the economics of their business to be sustainable.

Nestled just off the beaten path, at the foot of Pikes Peak in the Rocky Mountains, Tweeds has taken the place of those Drummers. Carrying the finest items of the area, Tweeds is committed to bringing you the unique style and enduring quality that you deserve.

Take a look at the photo gallery of our store in Colorado and some of the projects we’ve completed, featuring our products and services. You will quickly get a sense of the pride and dedication we put into our business.